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General Rules

-Visitors are allowed. They must present a valid ID and sign the visitor logbook each time they enter the facilities. They will only enter accompanied by the registered Guest. The guest will be responsible for the actions or damages of their visitors.

-Actions affecting the peace, welfare and safety of the condominium are not allowed, including acts or attitudes contrary to law, order and good morals.

 -All units are limited to a total of 4 persons including guests and visitors

  Prohibited inside the condo:

-Using sound devices or TVs with excessive volume, strictly after 10:00 PM or before 8:00AM.

-Hanging clothing or other objects from railings, windows, balconies, etc.

 -Any indecent act, visible to neighbors through open windows.

-No smoking anywhere within the building.

- No pets 

Prohibited within the Common Areas:

-Any form of nudity or exhibitionism.

-Selling or consuming drugs and drinking alcohol to excess.

-Smoking is not permitted within the units or the common areas.

-Common area hours are 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

-Standing or sitting on the walls, railings or planters.

-The use of stereos or any other devices with loud music or noise.

-Swimming attire is required to use the pool.

-No food, glass or floating objects allowed in the pool.

-Use the shower on the terrace, before entering the pool.

-The BBQ must be reserved with administration prior to any use.

We are not responsible for loss of any personal items during your stay. Although there are many cameras we recommend you take care of your belongings.

The Developer

HEVA has over 100 years of combined national and international construction experience; to include commercial, retail, condominiums and single family homes. Their overall experience is why there is so much attention to detail given and the quality  of the construction is so high.

  • Amapas 317

  • Amapas

  • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

  • 48399

  • México

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Other Projects

-Just Adults (18 and older)

V Azul Vallarta     Tel : USA 1-877-431-8052  / MX :  52 (322) 222 1801     

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